Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blogging Patience is a Virtue

In the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams", Kevin Costner's character is spoken to by a mysterious voice, most likely supposed to be god. The voice says "if you build it, they will come". Now, the voice didn't say how long it would take, which makes it seem easy. One major problem with new bloggers is they believe that the web is full of people waiting for new sites with new content. This a huge misconception. People visit sites their friends tell them about, sites that rank high on google, and the ever popular social and video sharing sites such as myspace and youtube. The way to get your blog or site talked about is to have a popular niche (subjects people are searching for). You can build a site by providing content or a service that is unique to your particular niche.

The thing that most bloggers lack is patience. Don't simply give up hope on your blog within a short period of time, this is one of the worst problems with bloggers. If you don't have enough patience to sit still for 30 minutes, you might as well stop blogging and just blend back into normal internet society. If you are truly passionate about your niche, you can blog for hours and hours about it, just rambling on. However, don't let that happen to you, spread your wealth of knowledge out over a good period of time to keep your readers coming back for more. This will give you time to learn more and more and continue to share information with your readers.

Remember to stay interested in blogging and your niche, don't waste your time writing and working on your blog just to throw it all away when you don't see the proper results. It takes time, quality content, a great writer, a sense of humor, and some marketing skills to create a popular blog. If you have all that, pat yourself on the back, you may already or perhaps will be a pro blogger in the near future

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