Friday, October 5, 2007

Introduction to the Top Bloggers

Darren Rowse has become the definition of "Pro Blogger" in today's online scene. His blog is extremely informative and not to mention really nice to look at. Everything about the design in amazing, I'd kill a few babies for a template like that. Another thing ProBlogger offers is a weekly video post where Darren goes in-depth on various issues his readers on talking about. Check out for all your blogging info.

John Chow made the blog of all blogs back in December 2005. Since that time it has become one of the most talked about blogs on the net...and one of the most popular. The creator of TTZ Media and proud Canadian, Chow is definitely one of the most influential bloggers of all time. He's proven you can make a good living off of talking about the things your passionate about. Affiliate Marketing, SEO, blogging tips, and of course burgers, cars, and some cow, John has it all. However, in the end, the blog is his personal blog where he discusses personal and business. Check out for Affiliates, Blogging, Babes, Burgers, and Cars.

Jeremy Schoemaker is an online marketing genius, he specializes not just in affiliate marketing, but blogging and webmaster relations. He offers insights inside google, text-link-ads, and other companies. You can use his blog as a great resource to help you in your money making endeavors. Check out for Affiliates, Blogging, T Shirts, and More.

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