Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why John Chow is Good for Blogging

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post called Why John Chow is Bad for Blogging. Now, seeing as I'm a personal fan of Chow, my interest was immediately captured. Strangely enough, the post came from a blog called Fat Man Unleashed, a journal of one man's journey to a healthier life and a good physical appearance. In his post, he details why John Chow is bad for blogging, he claims John no longer blogs just to blog, but he blogs to make money. Supposedly doing that is taking the blogging out of blogging, a weird statement to say the least.

However, in my opinion John Chow is good for blogging. Why you ask? He represents the little man taking on the world. He turned what was supposed to be a personal blog into one of the most popular blogs about making money. What Fat Man Unleashed doesn't realize is that John Chow feeds off of criticism. He loves to receive feedback, whether its negative or positive, it gets him visits and possibly a future regular visitor.

John has taken on huge campaigns of reciprocal linking which is a no-no in google's eyes. He took paid reviews, private advertising, and text-link-ads, all of which google condemns. All around the blogsphere, people talked about John and how he had seen the eye of the storm and gotten out alive. Then one day...BOOM! He's gone, disappeared out the google-plex. This would be a virtual defeat for most bloggers, but not John Chow. He continued on blogging and people saw that he was still making money, even without google. The man had come so far, google didn't matter anymore. His RSS readers were in the thousands, he had tons of stories front-paged on digg and a loyal army of John Chow lovers.

Now, some people talk trash about John on their blogs, they say he's lost touch with blogging and he doesn't post enough about making money or blogging anymore. Once again, they fail to realize that the name of the blog is John Chow dot Com, its not like Pro Blogger or Dosh Dosh. That is his personal blog, he created it to share his life and discuss what he does.

All in all, I love John's blog and I'll continue to visit it daily until he stops posting (which could be a long time). And remember readers, a blog post a day could pay for your kids' college funds one day :)

See you all tomorrow.