Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Boost the Popularity of Your Blog Through Other Blogs

A great way to boost traffic to your blog is to comment on other blogs. The average blog comment takes 30 seconds to make and can potentially bring you a few unique visitors and get your name out in the blogsphere. Depending on your blog's niche, you may need to do some intense searches for the proper blogs to comment at. I recommend commenting on blogs that are big, but not too big. What do I mean? Well, if you become a regular commentator on a blog that gets an average of 100 comments per post, you're most likely to go unnoticed even if you comment on a regular basis.

I personally like to comment on blogs that are still up and coming, but receive a good amount of traffic. On the other hand, blogs like John Chow and ShoeMoney, who have 'Top Commentator' widgets on their blogs, are the major blogs you want to comment at. This not only gives you backlinks on high pagerank pages, but a free text link on sites that normally charge $400 and up.

Now, you can't just make any old normal comment and expect to see traffic from it, you have to make quality comments. Look at the comments others have made and make your comment twenty times better, say anything to strike interest in fellow readers. Show your knowledge and bring good humor to the blog and the author will see that over time and may reward you.

Good luck with your blogs and I'll see you tomorrow!

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